Website Design CenturionWebsite Design Process is a process that every person goes through when they want a website designed. The website design process is not that complicated. The website design process as follows:

First Step: Get a Quote!

The first and most important step is to request a quote and let us know what type of services you need and which type of website you would like to purchase. Describe your project and give us your budget range.

Second Step: Gathering of important documentation and project research!

After requesting a quote we will commence to gather information about your company, objectives and goals. We will research your company, competition and online market and then decide which type of web development will be appropriate.

Third Step: Creation of the Site Map!

Third step includes a first draft of your website. We create a site-map and wait for your approval and/or suggestions.

Fourth Step: Creation of Concept!

After the approval of the first draft and site map, then we develop a few prototype layouts and concepts and submit them for your approval.

Fifth Step: Website Development!

After you – the Client opt for one website layout- we are starting the web development process which includes a complete coding of the chosen layout. We are converting your website layout into HTML and start the coding process.

Sixth Step: Integration of dynamic code!

Static pages are further integrated with dynamic codes as a final touch of your website development.

Seventh Step: Test and Launch!

When we finish with the development part of our project we then test the website. If the testing goes without glitches and errors then we are ready to upload your website onto FTP and launch it.