Choosing a Website Designer

Points To Ponder

Selecting the correct website designer firm can be a daunting task. First you will find that none of the website designers charge the same. None of their methods are the same when they issue the prospected plan of action and none of them will quote on exactly the same solutions.

Before and After Website Design

Here are a few points to ponder before selecting the correct website designer.

  1. Experience – Beware of website designers that have minimal experience, or can not provide a fully comprehensive service.
  2. Cost – There are a lot of website designers in the market place that tries to undercut the industry strandard pricing. They typically offer very cheap quotations. Those website designers never last long and the day you really need them they "dissapear".  Properly trained and experienced website designers own expensive hardware and software systems to deliver a professional job and to be geared to provide you with the latest technology.
  3. Design and functionality – It is shocking to see how many great looking websites are on the internet. Cutomers unfortunately only see the design, the beautiful pictures and the layout in the design process. It is extremely important for a customer to talk to the website designer about how your site will rank within Google and other search engines.
  4. Content Management Systems – This is a fancy technology that a lot of website designers will not tell you about. The reason is you will be able to maintain and update your own website whenever you want, and that meanse you will never have to pay your website designer large amounts of money to do that for you. Depending on the content management system your website designer will impliment; itis as easy as typing a document in Microsoft Word. This is a very important part of the quotation and the final cost. Website Google Ranking - SEO
  5. SEO – Search Engine Optimization –   Why would you want a website if your potential customers can not find your website through search engines likes Google. Let's say your company manufactures and sells perfume in Johannesburg. Did you know that there are 677 000 websites that contains those words. Open your internet browser and type the words "perfume" and "johannesburg. If your website is not search engine optimized, your website will definitely not feature on page 1 to 5 of Google. Rather spend a little bit less money on the grahical content of your website and rather invest in proper optimization. You need a website that ranks high with search engines; not a cute website that nobody can find.
  6. After sales service – I have rarely met a website designer that could take over where another website designer has left. It is like an artist. I can not paint a drawing and expect another artist to finish the painting. You need to deal with a professional website design firm that is as serious about your business, as they are about their own business.
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