Network & Server Support

Your server is the centre of your network, containing all your business’s critical data and network services. A server must be correctly designed, installed and maintained.

We offer a complete range of server services including:

Server Support
We will work with you to design a server that suits you and your business with both the present and future in mind. We will work with you during installation to make sure that the server is installed and configured.  The end result is a server (s) that can store your business data, automatically backup that data, provide secure remote access capability to your network, and run mission-critical software appropriate to your business.


We can help you administer your existing servers, check the setup and offer suggestions for any necessary changes, such as back up solutions or upgrades. Should you run in to any problems we’re on call, via telephone or remote support, and on-site if necessary.

Network Support and IT Infrastructure Management can streamline your daily operations. Globex provides additional resources for the purpose of keeping your business current with best technology practices. We can help your company standardize and document server operations providing the expertise to keep your business running efficiently.

Increasing technology and business challenges such as virtualization, server migrations and data center consolidation requires a robust, yet flexible server management plan. With mission-critical applications running in a server environment, a break-fix solution is simply not an option.

Our Network Support and IT Infrastructure Management plan includes:

Proactive management and maintenance
Project planning, design and implementation
Monitoring of your physical and virtual servers
Rapid troubleshooting of performance bottlenecks
Security against internal and external threats
Usage analysis and capacity planning
Server Support