On Site Repairs in Centurion and Pretoria

When you call or submit a service request Globex will send a certified expert to repair your computer and let you get back to normal life! Our computer technician will: Diagnose the problems you're experiencing, remove spyware, malware and viruses, upgrade your security to prevent future attacks, fix your internet connection, firewall, or home network, resolve any software conflicts, make sure your peripherals are all connected and configured properly, clean any parts that may be causing trouble, and Install new parts should you need them. If your computer is in really rough shape, our computer technician can also send computer-laptop-repairs-centurion-pretoria it to our store for a complete overhaul, extending the life of your machine.

Remote Repairs in Centurion and Pretoria

Remote service includes: General problem diagnosis & computer repair, network security checks, spyware removal, virus removal, internet connection assistance, wireless network repair, software assistance, installation & configuration of peripheral equipment, and mysterious crashes and performance issues. We offer inexpensive fixed prices for remote sessions. Fixed fees save your hard earned Rands. Globex is proud to be one of the lowest priced computer repair services. Why call all over town? Contact us now!

New Computer Setup in Centurion and Pretoria

Challenged by setting up a new computer? Whether you're the lucky new owner or whether it's a beloved family member, call Globex today. We'll send an experienced technician to: Set up and configure your desktop or laptop, Install the operating system, Install and configure your favorite software programs, Set up and configure your internet connection, Set up a wireless or traditional network in your home, Set up email accounts, Install your printer and other peripheral devices, Set up antivirus software, a firewall, and data backup systems to protect your valuable data and privacy, and Show you how to synch other digital devices including PDAs, webcams, digital cameras, and microphones.

Let Globex ensure that your new computer setup runs smoothly.