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What is a domain?

domain hostingThe web is the busiest place we know today, with millions of websites now available online, competing to catch the users’ attention. Apart from the common marketing and search engine optimization techniques, one of the key weapons website owners use in ‘fighting’ for their visitors’ attention is the name of their website – i.e. their domain.

What a domain refers to?

The power of the domain name lies in that it gives a website its own unique web address where it could be found at and associated with. Let’s take for example your brick and mortar store, if it is located in an easy-to-find place and your clients know how to reach it – they will surely come and visit you. If it is not easy for them to follow the way to your site, then no advertising method will be able to bring them there.

This is why, if you have come up with the idea to have your own website, the first thing that you do need to think of is how you will name it. In other words, you will have to think of choosing a suitable domain for your site. For that purpose you will have to know what your site will be for, whether it will represent your personal or business profile, and what audience it will be intended for. When you have all that in mind – finding the right software and web hosting service for creating and putting your website online will be an easy task.

What a domain looks like?

Choosing a domain for your website is absolutely necessary. But before you rush to make your domain registration now, it is good to get yourself familiar with the structure of a domain. As an example we could use the address of the page you are now at. If you look at the address bar of your browser, you will see the following name:

In this long sequence of letters, the domain is just  This is the name that we, at Globex Internet Services, use to refer to our website. It was chosen with one basic idea in mind – to reflect the name of the company (Globex Internet Services) and the offered services (internet services), so that it is easy for you, our customers, readers and partners, to remember our website and find us online. The ‘/domains/’ part is the directory this page is located in on the server and ‘domain.html’ is the name of the page file itself.

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